Kushbu Tea UK, is the oficial importer and distributor of Kushbu Tea brand.

Kushbu means fragrance or aromas in several Asian languages.  Originally written as Khushboo in Persian, Indian or Arabic languages, but we prefer to stick with a simple name with the same meaning – Kushbu Tea.


Our mission:

"to be present in every excellence place near you ..."


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Our values:


We work with enthusiastic passion and we add passion in everything we do. We believe this is the way to achieve the very best quality.


We are open and welcoming, sociable and friendly to our customers, suppliers and employees. We are very clear, direct and honest in business dealings.


We are open to new opportunities and to actively help other Companies reaching their goals

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Tea garden labourers taking a rest at the organic tea garden of Temi Tea Estate in India's Himalayan state of Sikkim. India's tea export fell 14 percent in the first eight months of 2009 as low output after a severe drought hit production earlier this year, a senior Tea Board official said on Friday.

 We serve it differently,

because we are different!


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