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Let your client make his own tea, from a selection of 20 different teas

kushbu Sweet Seduction 1
ksuhbu menta served 1
kushbu passion fruit 1


Kushbu tea in cubes

Range of 20 different teas in pyramid teabags individually packed in cubes...

Each pack with 18 cubes

Kushbu tea in tins

We also pack in loose leaves format, in tins with 90g.

Kusbu Tea in envelops

We also have 15 teas in pyramid teabags individually wrapped in envelops.

Each pack with 20 envelops.

earl grey
passion fruit tea
Camomila lata
Verde Jasmin Lata
sweet seduction white tea
Cha English Breakfast_
Cha Green Gunpower_
green yunnan china tea
Egyptian Magic

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